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WESTFALEN AG: 100 years of innovation, visualized by WELTBERG

In collaboration with WESTFALEN AG, WELTBERG had the honor of not only documenting the 100th anniversary on film. We also emphasized the innovative corporate culture and commitment to excellence through product videos, location films and regular contributions to internal communications.

Anniversary film: A special kind of journey through time

The highlight of our collaboration was the production of an anniversary film that not only depicted a century of success and progress, but also highlighted WESTFALEN AG's values and vision for the future. This film is a tribute to the people behind the company, their passion and dedication to making WESTFALEN AG what it is today - a beacon in the industry.

Product videos: Focus on innovation

Our work also included the creation of product videos that put the spotlight on WESTFALEN AG's innovative portfolio. With an eye for detail and our creative expertise, we brought out the uniqueness of each product and illustrated its importance to customers and the industry.

Location films: The world of WESTFALEN AG

The production of location films enabled us to show the diversity and reach of WESTFALEN AG. Through these films, we were able to capture the atmosphere at various locations and offer viewers an insight into the dynamic working world of WESTFALEN AG.

A year of creative partnership

Working with WESTFALEN AG last year was an enriching experience for WELTBERG. It was an opportunity to showcase our skills in various areas of video production while being part of the celebration of an impressive milestone. We are proud that our productions not only reflect the history and values of WESTFALEN AG, but also its commitment to innovation and excellence.


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